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Why Gelato?

Because Gelato is synonymous of the Italian quality and tradition. Gelato is the most famous Italian dessert all over
the world. Different from the common ice cream, Gelato is mostly prepared with fresh milk, pure cane sugar, and
natural and genuine ingredients. No addition of preservatives or artificial flavors. This makes Gelato a healthy,
genuine product with much less fat and calories than the traditional ice cream. All this without giving up on taste and
creaminess, and without formation of ice crystals inside. Gelato can be served alone or accompanied by other
sweets to enhance its flavors, with whiskey, vodka or coffee, or even with salty foods creating new experiences in the
taste of the Italian and international cuisine. Gelato is a pleasure you can enjoy every day.
Gelato is a healthy sweet treat that you can have every day!


Why Sospiri?

Because we prepare our Gelato as our grandparents did, only with natural products and of the highest quality. Our
Gelato is freshly produced every day. Sospiri can offer its customers more than 100 different flavors, from A like
Amarena to Z like Zabaione. Contact us for more information about our large selection of products including dairy
free, glutin free and sugar free ... but ALL strictly 100% natural.